Intumescent Fireproofing

IMG_0488Some of the most innovative changes in the fireproofing industry have come with the development of intumescent fireproofing. These fireproofing products allow us to provide UL rated designs in a pleasing, aesthetic way. Exposed steel and wood construction can maintain their appearance and shape yet still be protected from fire. Renovations of existing and even historic buildings can utilize intumescent fireproofing to maintain the original themes without sacrificing fire protection.

Shop Applied IFRM

South Atlantic Fireproofing Enterprise (S.A.F.E.) has been applying fire-resistant coatings since 2005. Today, we have the people, equipment, and quality processes to receive steel, coat it at our facility, and ship it to the job site. We service the Southeast region from our shop in central North Carolina, with easy access by truck. Let S.A.F.E. handle your shop-applied IFRM needs.

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Uses for Intumescent Fireproofing Include:

  • HSS columns
  • Trusses
  • Structural steel beams
  • Exposed steel in atriums
  • Fire escape stairways
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • And many more applications

Comparison of Shop- And Field-Applied Passive Fire Protection Coatings